About the NT Education Agent Training Course​

About the NT Education Agent Training Course​

The Study Northern Territory (StudyNT) Education Agent Training Course has been developed to educate and support the needs of our global international agent base.  The course is designed to give you a more in-depth knowledge of the Northern Territory, of Darwin, the capital city, Alice Springs and beyond!

The course is divided into 5 sections + a Final Quiz:

  • Unit 1 – Welcome to the NT

  • Unit 2 – Living in the NT

  • Unit 3 – Studying in the NT

  • Unit 4 – Working in the NT

  • Unit 5 – Opportunities in the NT

Each section contains information, often in unit format around required and essential information that will assist you to understand and support the needs of international students wanting to study in the NT. There are short videos from NT student ambassadors to give a student perspective of living and studying in the NT.

At the completion of each section there will be a short quiz made up of True/False and/or Multiple Choice questions.

On completion of all 5 sections and the Final Quiz you will become a trained Northern Territory Education Agent and will receive a certificate for your efforts. You must type your full name in the registration/profile ‘NAME’ section in order for the certificate to generate with your full name on the page.

Completion of the course does not grant you access to agreements with NT education providers – agents still have to go through the assessment process for each provider to secure an agency agreement. All agents should be familiar with the Australia Education Agent Code of Ethics. It is also recommended that agents complete the Education Agent Training Course  and the new ISANA ESOS National Code Training course to be fully across all issues to do with Australian international education.

We wish you all the best with the course and in your on-going promotion of Australia’s Northern Territory!